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Re: Best of 2011 Steve M Sun Feb 05 06:00:42 2012

Only went to one gig in 2011, and that was Epica supported by ReVamp,
and very enjoyable both bands were too.

As for albums bought that came out during 2011, I found I bought more
than I thought, so here's the list in alphabetic order by band:

1. Black Stone Cherry - Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea
2. Cinderella - Caught in the Act
3. Cooper, Alice - Welcome 2 My Nightmare
4. Leaves' Eyes - Meredead
5. Krypteria - All Beauty Must Die
6. Midnattsol - The Metamorphosis Melody
7. Nazareth - Big Dogz
8. Nightwish - Imaginaerum
9. Serenity - Death & Legacy
10. Sirenia - The Enigma of Life
11. Ten - Stormwarning
12. The Treatment - This Might Hurt
13. U.F.O. - The Chrysalis Years (1973 - 1979)
14. Uriah Heep - Into the Wild
15. Voodoo Circle - Broken Heart Syndrome
16. Whitesnake - Forevermore
17. Within Temptation - The Unforgiving

Favourite? Hard to pick as I like so many of them and it's too easy to
pick the latest one which I'm still playing over and over again
(Nightwish) so it's the freshest in my mind.

Least liked? Probably The Treatment. Have only played it twice and
always pass it over for something else. Can't see why so much praise
has been placed on it as it doesn't offer anything new to my ears. I'm
not saying it's bad, just that I have to be in the right mood to
listen to it.

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