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[cocos2d-iphone] Re: Problems with porting old demo to 0.7 ShacharWeis Mon Mar 30 09:01:17 2009

Usually when writing a game you have a render loop,
which runs all the time at short intervals, and there you move/draw
all your objects.
There are many ways to implement a game loop.
The Skeleton example in the link I first provided has a game loop
based on an interval timer.
I was wondering if this was the best way to do it.

On Mar 27, 9:56 am, Steve Oldmeadow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Mar 27, 3:37 pm, ShacharWeis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > What is the best demo that shows the proper use of a game loop ?
> > Thanks,
> What do you mean by a game loop?
Did you read the cocos2d documentation? http://tinyurl.com/b8cqm3
Please, read it before asking for help. Probably your answer is there.