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Re: Issue 1314 in cocos2d-iphone: cocos2d-iphone-2.0-beta2, [CCNode visible] return -1; cocos2d-iphone Tue Feb 21 08:02:39 2012

        Status: Fixed

Comment #10 on issue 1314 by [EMAIL PROTECTED]: cocos2d-iphone-2.0-beta2, [CCNode visible] return -1;

As far as I know, 'bool' was working OK and it is safe to use it.
If you found any issue with 'bool', please let me know.

Changes reverted due to API consistency. 'BOOL' is going to used for booleans, and not a mix of 'bool' and 'BOOL'.

bitfiled:2 is also a possible solution, but since BOOL was meant to accept values from -127 to 127, I won't add a bitfield when it is used as a property.

I will use bitfields only for ivars that are not properties.

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