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[VOTE] Release Commons Math 1.1 Phil Steitz Tue Aug 30 18:59:40 2005

Please download and test the (hopefully final) Commons Math 1.1 release 
candidate here:


The following bug fixes have been made since 1.1 RC1:

* Added protection against numerical overflow and underflow in the 
isBracketing method (BZ 36232).
* Fixed division by zero error in rounding methods (BZ 36300).
* Added upper tail cumulative probability method to 
HypergeometricDistributionImpl (BZ 36215).
* Added better handling of numerical overflow and division by zero in 
Complex calculations (BZ 36205).
* Changed ContinuedFraction to better handle infinite convergents that 
resulted in divergent continued fraction evaluations (BZ 36105).
* Changed rounding methods to not rely on BigDecimal conversions which was 
causing numerical error (BZ 35904).

There are no open bugs remaining against the 1.1 sources.

Release notes are available here:


Votes, please. The vote will run for 72 hours. 


[ ] +1 Release Math 1.1
[ ] +0 General support but not definitive
[ ] -0 Unhappy about the release but not definitive
[ ] -1 Do not release Math 1.1