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Re: commons-configuration Oliver Heger Tue Oct 24 18:01:14 2006

David J. M. Karlsen wrote:

I have the following bit of code:

propConfig = new PropertiesConfiguration( configFilename );

FileChangedReloadingStrategy reloadingStrategy = new FileChangedReloadingStrategy() {
            //FIXME - never called!? why?
            public void reloadingPerformed()
                LOG.warn( "Reloading configuration" );
                try {
                catch ( Exception e ) {
                    LOG.error( e );
throw new NestableRuntimeException( e.getMessage(), e );

        reloadingStrategy.setRefreshDelay( refreshDelay );
        propConfig.setReloadingStrategy( reloadingStrategy );

But for some reason reloadingPerformed is never called if I change the file).

I'm calling getProperty("dummy") in each iteration (rest of code) - so polling should happen.

What am I doing wrong?


I cannot see anything wrong with your code, so I can only give some hints for debugging the problem.

- You could try to register a ConfigurationListener at the properties configuration to check whether a reload event is triggered.
- Did you check whether you really change the correct configuration file?
- What's the value of refreshDelay? If it is too big, a reload won't happen.


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