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Re: Issue 558 in connectbot: Droid 4 hardware keyboard shift-number and tab keys not mapped connectbot Sun Feb 12 09:01:25 2012

Comment #1 on issue 558 by [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Droid 4 hardware keyboard shift-number and tab keys not mapped

I am having issues with a lack of most of the helper keys mentioned in the documentation (as in, the Droid 4 doesn't have them, or if it does I don't know what is what) and as such can't enter a number of characters.

It is also funky with the Lapdock (500 at least). The 1-0 and such keys work fine with shift, but a number of others either ignore shift or end up with entirely incorrect output.

Listing of what I saw with the Lapdock (on a Droid4, probably acts the same on other phones like the Razr):

`;[]\ - Shift ignored, should be ~:{}|
,. - Shift gives ;: but should be <>
CTRL - Acts like Menu button
ALT - Gives symbols like shift, but lowercase letters. NOTE: Alt+` gives ~ where Shift+` does not.
Couldn't get fn+keys to generate function key hits.

I am also willing to run things like a scancode mapper or similar, on and off of the Lapdock.

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