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Re: Ubuntu workitems for connman Marcel Holtmann Thu May 27 15:00:08 2010

Hi Kalle,

> we are working on getting connman to Ubuntu Netbook Edition for 10.10
> release. There's a lot of work todo, both in terms of features as well
> as bug fixing. It will be challenging, that's for sure. Especially
> because we don't have that much time, the first beta is scheduled to
> happen September 2nd. So we have roughly three months, minus the summer
> vacations some people might have.
> To get a picture of the features we need, I have come up with a
> prioritised list:
>   * connecting state for icon animation
>   * secure storage of credentials
>   * 3g modem support improvements
>   * pppoe
>   * ipv6
>   * wifi ad-hoc
>   * vpn: vpnc, openvpn, pptp, (strongswan?)
>   * eap: ttls, leap (?)
>   * bt dun
>   * separate manual ip and dhcp services for wired
>   * wifi connection based on BSSID
> It's a fact that there is no way to get all the features into 10.10
> release and some of low priority items must be dropped out.
> Here's some more info about each feature we have been thinking:
> * connecting state for icon animation
> We want to animate an icon whenever connman starts connection
> establishment from offline state. Currently there is no way to do that.
> One possibility is to add new state "connecting" to Manager interface
> (which currently supports only "offline" and "online").

you can do that already be just following the top service in the
Services list and follow its state changes. No need to complicated the
Manager interface with a state machine.

If the UI wants to do some fancy animation then it is better to do that
based on a per service anyway. And it is up to the UI to summarize these
if it wants to represent a global state.

Following the top service is needed anyway if you wanna display
different icons based on the type of connection.

> * secure storage of credentials
> For some it's an issue that credentials and certificates are stored to a
> plaintext file and we have to solve this somehow in Ubuntu. I have been
> playing with an idea of using gnome keyring and connman's agent
> interface, but I don't have anything concrete yet.

In theory wpa_supplicant needs to be able to talk directly to a global
certificate storage.

The secure storage is only one piece of the puzzle. The secure memory is
also needed and secure IPC in between.

> * 3g modem support improvements
> ofono's modem support is not that extensive, there's a lot of testing
> and fixing to do here.

This is a known problem, but I think you are on the right way to enable
more and more modems. Big advantage is that in most cases you get SMS
and USSD for free once that is done.

> * pppoe
> PPP over ethernet is needed with certain DSL providers. Otherwise user
> can't connect to Internet, so this is important.

For a netbook this seems to be the absolut wrong target. If you have a
netbook then you most likely also have a WiFi router with it. Seriously
I don't see this use case here at all.

> * ipv6
> Should be obvious.

Yes. Patches are welcome. Coordinate with Martin since he will be also
looking into this.

> * wifi ad-hoc
> AFAIK there is no support wifi ad-hoc more currently. It's not that
> widely used, but still good to support.

I don't really see the big use case here. Use Bluetooth PAN for

> * vpn: vpnc, openvpn, pptp, (strongswan?)
> VPN support is lacking, which will affect some users. Testing will be
> the hard part here because getting access to a certain VPN system is
> difficult.

Patches are more than welcome here.

> * eap: ttls, leap (?)
> EAP TTLS is important, for example some universities use it. Not sure
> about LEAP, though. I guess it's still used, even it's unsecure.

This should be already working. Exception is that we don't expose this
in the UI, because it is pointless. There is no way for an end user to
configure this correctly. That is why we do it via provisioning. See the
documentation for the file format.

> * bt dun
> I have seen that Gustavo is working on adding this to ofono, which is
> great:
> http://padovan.org/blog/2010/04/google-summer-of-code-has-come-again/

I personally prefer to have people using Bluetooth PAN. It is much more

> * separate manual ip and dhcp services for wired
> Now if user wants to use manual IPs, he needs to always switch between
> DHCP and manual mode. That's a bit awkward, it would be nice to have an
> easier way for this. I believe this isn't that important, more like nice
> to have feature.

And how is this is suppose to work. This is just a stupid idea since
doing proper location detection on Ethernet is actually pretty hard. So
just forget about this and let the user switch manually. Everything else
will drive you insane.

> * wifi connection based on BSSID
> When having problems, users might appreaciate if they could force to use
> certain AP instead of automatic roaming. Not sure how important this is.

We are not going to support this. These requirements look more like a
1:1 copy on how Network Manager is doing things. This is not what we are
trying to achieve with ConnMan. The APIs are use case driven and they
hide a lot of details on purpose from the end user. The BSSID being one
of them.

Please take one step back and think about your user requirements again.
A netbook distro is not meant for the data center operation. The users
are no admins. They are just people that want to get access to the



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