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Re: Getting Started with Core Audio ??? Chris Adamson Mon Feb 13 10:00:15 2012

FWIW, a near-final "rough cut" of the book is available to members of Safari 
Online Books.  We're going over copy-edits and layout with Pearson now, so 
hard-copy is definitely coming in a couple months (yeah, I know, it's a crazy 
slow process).

The book's sample code is available from my Dropbox: 
  Long-term, it will supposedly be hosted on from the book's home page: 


On Feb 12, 2012, at 9:04 PM, Jake Penton wrote:

> I see that there is a book coming out perhaps in the spring that might help 
> me out. Is there another sensible way to try to move ahead in the meanwhile?

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