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Re: What happens if I install the AudioTools ? Jean-Daniel Dupas Sat Feb 18 02:00:26 2012

Le 18 févr. 2012 à 00:30, Bastian Schnuerle a écrit :

> Hi list,
> i have found out that XCode 4.3 doesn't install a /Developer Folder and XCode 
> is now finally in the applications folder, cool ! ..
> Then I found out that i can do an additional install of AudioTools; to 
> install CoreAudio Headers and more related stuff to CoreAudio ..
> What I now would really like to know is what happens if I install the 
> AudioTools ? Will this installer create a /Developer folder with the 
> AudioTools inside ?
> What exactly will happen if I install the AudioTools ?

Did you try to download the dmg and open it ? 

-- Jean-Daniel

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