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Re: custom AudioUnits and processing iTunes library on iPhone Kevin Dixon Tue Apr 03 13:00:27 2012

Thanks Chris, I was just in need of a "possible or not" answer.
This is good news, of course.

So is it possible to process the music the user is playing with their
"media player of choice", or would you have to implement a whole media
player UI etc? In Android you can instantiate an effect on the global
output stream for example...

Thanks again

On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 12:02 PM, Chris Adamson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Apr 3, 2012, at 2:49 PM, Kevin Dixon wrote:
>> Quick set of questions regarding feasibility of music processing on
>> the iPhone/iPod:
>> 1. Can an app install AudioUnits? (Are custom AudioUnits supported?)
> No. There was a custom Audio Units API in iPhone OS 3. It didn't actually 
> work, and was removed in iOS 4.
> Any custom processing needs to be handled in render callbacks to your own 
> code. It's not unreasonably difficult, and saves you the hassles of testing 
> and packaging a custom unit that you don't intend to offer to third-parties 
> anyways.
>> 2. Are "Media Player" apps allowed?
> There are already many apps that use the songs and other audio in the user's 
> music library.
>> If not, is there a plug-in
>> architecture for the iPhone's iTunes or whatever its called?
> The Media Player framework is how you get at items in the user's music 
> library.
>> 3. Is there any way to process the user's playing music in real time?
>> AudioUnits or OpenAL?
> You can get sample-level access to the user's music by using the 
> MPMediaItemPropertyAssetURL, using it to open the song as an AVURLAsset with 
> the AV Foundation framework, then using the AVAssetReader API to read 
> samples. Once you have samples, you could run them through an AUGraph and 
> perform whatever processing you like. There are certain threading and 
> buffering considerations that make this harder than you might be ready for, 
> to say nothing of having to juggle three media APIs, but that should be the 
> basic idea.
> --Chris

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