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Re: [Courier-imap] Multiple SSL certs on multiple IP addrs Sam Varshavchik Fri Feb 03 10:17:01 2012

Paul Ronald writes:

i have a server with courier-imap SSL and one cert in pem format, all works fine and the client connect to 993 port over SSL.
Now a need to install another cert in PEM format, i have done a alias of eth0, and now  have eth0 and eth0:1. Aafter this, i have installed both certificates like:
TLS_CERTFILE=/etc/xxxx.pem., /etc/xxxxx.pem.
But when i try start the server imap /etc/init.d/courier-imap start, this give me a "Permission denied"
I do not known what is the problem.

Remove the extra space, over there.

The configuration file is really a shell script, in disguise; and an attempt to execute the non-executable file in /etc will not have much chance of a success.

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