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Re: [Courier-imap] Need Courier-imap rpm for RHEL 6.1 64 Bit Sam Varshavchik Fri Feb 03 18:06:58 2012

Jayanta Ghosh writes:

We need rpm of courier-authlib and courier-imap for RHEL 6.1 64 bit. We have downloaded the source of courier-authlib & imap from the website of courier and have also build the rpm, but while installing the rpm of courier-imap we are getting the following error : -
[EMAIL PROTECTED] additional_rpm]# rpm -ivh courier-imap-4.10.0-1.x86_64.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
        /bin/systemctl is needed by courier-imap-4.10.0-1.x86_64
If anybody  knows the resource of  rpm of courier-authlib and courier-imap for RHEL 6.1 64 bit then please give us the link so that we can download it.

You can try build 20120201, from the download page; it's untested, but will likely build on RHEL.

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