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Re: [maildropl] dynamic filtering example: req for comments Sam Varshavchik Wed May 07 06:01:22 2008

Roberto Polli writes:

Alle lunedì 21 gennaio 2008, Lea Gris ha scritto:
> to reduce the number of connection to the database, the .sql_mailfilter
> file can be created only when the mail contains the X-CREATEFILE header
...that process depend on some untrusted cleartext string ...
it all depends on the operations you made in maildrop

the first hypotesis was to create the .sql_mailfile for each mail

How does your hypothesis deal with the sql server being down?

How does your hypothesis deal with the sql server crashing, for some reason, while you're in the middle of reading your filter rules from it, and saving it into the rule file?

How does your hypothesis deal with other messages being delivered at the same time you're installing a new rule file? Whad do they do? What locking mechanism do you intend to use, in order to guarantee atomic rulefile updates?

This is one of those things that looks great on paper, but not so great in practice.

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