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Re: Offline CPAN use nimectos Tue Dec 20 15:00:20 2011

nimectos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Andreas J. Koenig) wrote:
>>>>>>> On Wed, 29 Jun 2011 23:35:22 -0700, nimectos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
>>  > I finally succeeded, with some difficulties.
>>  > First, the CPAN version (v1.7602) provided with that distro is apparently
>>  > broken.
>>Eight years and more than 120 releases have accumulated on top of this
>>version. Pity you have to work with such old stuff.
>Thank you for the response.
>I need a stable distro, CentOS seems like a good choice, CentOS 6
>isn't out quite yet.
>>  > [...]
>>  > Then I installed needed modules via "cpan module module ...".  That went
>>  > fine, but it still prompts:
>>  > - MIME::Lite "Add prereqs?" prompt for extra external modules.
>>  > - Crypt::SSLeay prompts for install path and live tests.
>>  > How can I pre-set the answers to those?
>>Make sure you have a recent CPAN.pm and read the manpage section
>>    Configuration for individual distributions (Distroprefs)
>That's good but but seems complex for my needs; I think I'll just
>use autoexpect/expect with the cpan command.
>>  > So I was thinking of just archiving the installed modules from the source
>>  > machine and unarchiving on the destination, e.g. just tar up:
>>  >     /usr/lib/perl5/*
>>  >     /usr/lib64/perl5/*
>>  > and restore on the target (ignoring module docs).  Would that work?  (I'd
>>  > still unarchive the .cpan sources so they are present, just wouldn't build
>>  > them via cpan commands).
>>If the architectures are sufficiently similar it's likely to work.
>Thanks, I'll try it at some point.
>>  > CPAN question: how can I list all installed modules?  The closest I could
>>  > find is the "r" command, but it's not clear if that is listing every
>>  > installed modules, or just those that are candidates for upgrades.
>>You're looking for for 'autobundle'. Much to my surprise, 'r' is
>>undocumented indeed. Will be in the next release. And yes, it only lists
>>upgradeable modules.
>OK, I'd tried autobundle and seen the output, but thought there
>might be a separate command that didn't create the actual bundle
>file.  I'll just use autobundle and manually clean out the Bundle
>directory periodically.

Following up on my own post here: archiving .cpan, and archiving perl
library directories, works fine for installing the built CPAN and modules
on another [identical] machine, by simply unarchiving those bundles.

Now I am at another phase: a machine built this way needs a few more CPAN
modules installed, and has no network access.  How do I install?  If I had
network access I would do e.g.:

cpan List::Util List::MoreUtils XML::Simple

So I tried:

cpan Scalar-List-Utils-1.23.tar.gz

which doesn't work; then I tried:

cpan GBARR/Scalar-List-Utils-1.23.tar.gz

which wanted network access and failed.

I am aware of Mini but don't need a mirror - I just need a reasonably
simple way to add a few more Perl modules to a unit that already has many
modules installed via cpan.  Perhaps I actually need some tool other than
cpan for this purpose and am just not aware of it.