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Database upgrade + data transformation Igor Markovic Fri Nov 24 12:02:21 2006

Hi all,

I want to do some database upgrading by doing the following:

Export old database (data).
Create new database (different schema).
Import data from old database into new database.

The new schema differs in:

New tables are added.
Some old tables are removed.
Table columns are added, removed or renamed.

I will have to import the data and do some transformations on it while doing 
the import. 

I have for instance a Id column with values that have to be changed to UUID 
values so I will have to recalculate the ids and replace the old ids with new 
ones, but I will also have to do this for the columns referencing to these ids.

And it will also be nice if it is possible to change the table/column names so 
I can import column values in renamed columns.

Is there some way to do this?