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Problems working with large files KEL_KS Tue Jul 05 16:01:41 2011


DdlUtils is a great utlity, which we use in one of our applications to
import database records from one database into another.  It works great
EXCEPT when one of our database files contains a REALLY LARGE amounf of
records, which is often the case and then DdlUtils simply runs out of
memory.  Has anybody not encountered this before, and/or come up with a
solution?  If I must I will modify the applicable classes to only read X
number of rows from the table (and process them) instead of grabbing ALL of
the rows in the table into a single ResultSet.  I just cannot believe that
this is not been an issue for somebody else; maybe there is a way to handle
large files in DdlUtils and I just don't know about it.  If anybody knows
how to get DdlUtils to work correctly with very large files, please E-mail
me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] as I don't really want to have to re-invent
the wheel here.  Thanks very much for your assistance.
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