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WS-Notification using Mule John Steele Tue Apr 03 13:01:21 2012

I have several Java GUI applications running that use the same networked
database, and I need to update/refresh the GUI when changes occur in the
database.  I'm not using a fancy application server that provides built in
functionality for this type of scenario, so I'm trying to wrap my brain
around how to accomplish this.

So far, I'm assuming I need to configure a trigger so that a web service
notification occurs when a client updates/chnages the database. I've found
mule Mule, and I would like to know if there's any examples/tutorials anyone
can point me to?

Additionally, is a WS-Notification the best option for informing
clients/consumers when data has changed? 

I appreciate you comments, thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

John Steele
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