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Re: crop label on button gNeandr Fri Feb 17 17:00:23 2012

On 18.02.2012 01:11, gNeandr wrote:
On 18.02.2012 01:04, Neil wrote:
gNeandr wrote:

This is set with the button:

If I set manually width="100" to XUL:label using DOMi I get the label
on the button cropped.
Note: I have to use 120 for button and 100 for XUL:label to have
fitted the cropped label in the button box.

If that's the solution, how to set that 'smaller' width directly to

Themes typically set a minimum width on buttons, so if you want a small
button you might need to override it with minwidth="0".

minwidth="0" doesn't help. (on Xubuntu, not tested with W7)
The parameters as said with my previous post seems the only (?) setting,
but that's only with DOMi setting, not XUL definition.

It's the combination of width="120" for the button and for XUL:label the pair of manually set width="100" and the crop.
So I need to define the width for XUL:label with the XUL file definition.
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