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Re: [VOTE] Drop JDK 1.4 after 1.8.3 wallaceb Fri Feb 03 10:04:57 2012

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From: Antoine Levy-Lambert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 12:28:13 
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Subject: Re: [VOTE] Drop JDK 1.4 after 1.8.3


On 1/27/12 1:42 PM, Jesse Glick wrote:
> As suggested in 1.8.3 thread, I propose we drop JDK 1.4 support in
> trunk after Ant 1.8.3 is released. It is long past EOL
> <http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/eol-135779.html> and
> cumbersome to even get installed for testing. (Note that JDK 5 is also
> past EOL, but I am not proposing dropping JDK 5 support in this vote.)
> Switching trunk sources to assume JDK 5 would, among other things,
> permit use of generics to make code clearer. It is also possible that
> annotations could be used to document tasks/types and their
> configuration. And of course there are various API enhancements that
> may be of use; a search for "jdk1.5" in build.xml shows some things
> that could be simplified, and there is likely more that would be used
> if it were easy to do so.
> [X] +1: announce that 1.8.3 will be the last version of Ant to support
> JDK 1.4, and after it is branched, permit trunk sources to assume JDK
> 5+, updating CI jobs accordingly
> [ ] ±0: not sure, maybe continuing to support JDK 1.4 is useful, leave
> it alone for now
> [ ] -1: please no, we still need to support JDK 1.4 in 1.8.4 or 1.9

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