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Re: [dev] Allow rename and change color of shares Gonçalo Queirós Mon Feb 13 07:00:45 2012

How about making it in a more permanet manner? I was thinking of adding
two columns to kronolith_shares_users table, to allow storage of this
   Of course this could be replicated to every app not only Kronolith.
   What do you think?


   Citando Jan Schneider <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Zitat von Gonçalo Queirós <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Currently if a user shares a calendar or an address book with someone, the
   other user can't change the share name/color.

   We are thinking in allowing the user (not the share owner) to give a
   name/color to a share, without actually changing the original value.
   What do you think? Are you interested in this? And if you are, is there
   any path that we should follow?

   Gonçalo Queirós
  You probably want to store this in a hidden preference per
application. And obviously it should default to the share's color.
  The most complex part is to allow users to open share dialogs for
shares they don't own, but only allow to edit the color, and all
that without cracking huge holes in the permissions checking.


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