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Re: [dev] Personal migration scripts Gonçalo Queirós Mon Feb 13 07:00:59 2012

Don't think the changes will be accepted, since they are a bit divergent
from what horde is doing :-)
   I understand your point when you say that the scripts need to ensure
that the db is in a certain state, but if i run my own custom scripts, the
problem will still exist. I know that from the time i change the DB
structure i will have to be very careful every time i upgrade the db using
the new Horde migration scripts, but thats my responsibility.
   I was just thinking that it would be nice to be able to use the
Horde_Migrator to create this custom scripts :-)

   Thanks anyway,

   Citando Michael J Rubinsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Quoting Gonçalo Queirós <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
If someone wants to make a migration script for Kronolith (ex), he will
   have to look into the migraiton folder and create a new file with the
   correct version number.
   The problem is that this will only last until Horde creates a new
   migration script, because after that, the migrator will refuse
to migrate,
   since it detects two files with same version number.
   Is there anyway to circumvent this problem? I tried naming the
file with a
   float version number, but it didn't work, but i think it could be a good
  IMO, this is asking for trouble. If you run a local migration that
is not in the upstream codebase, you will run into a number of
prolems. As you discovered, the local migration will increment the
schema version so any future upstream migrations will not run. In
addtion, even if you could implement some form of floating numbered
migration versioning that would allow your migration to run, once
you modify the schema you no longer have ANY guarentee that future
upstream migrations will work correctly, since they rely on the
structure of the database to be known at any point in the version

  My recommendation if you require local changes to the schema would
be for you to run custom sql scripts, possibly after each upgrade
since the schema of the database may change between versions.
ALternatively, you could of course attempt to submit your changes
upstream for inclusion :)


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