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Re: [dev] [commits] Horde branch develop updated. fa956a4d83a7227e2a5d47bfe87185854e151fbc Michael M Slusarz Mon Feb 13 22:00:30 2012

Quoting Michael J Rubinsky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Quoting Michael M Slusarz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Quoting Jan Schneider <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

This is currently broken though, because Kronolith::initialize() is where we determine what shares (and other, non-share based calendars) are available. I just tested this, and in fact the sidebar does not contain the calendar list when viewing the horde portal.

_init() is for bootstrapping only. You can't call registry/horde-wide things in there due to the chicken/egg problem. _init() is not designed to set up the full application environment.

But we have been using it for exactly that since Horde 4. We cannot simply change the semantics of an API method because it doesn't work anymore after some refactoring in Horde or Horde_Core. _init() has always been the place to set up the app environment since we dropped base.php.

Except this is *exactly* how we've been using it. And it is exactly what the API says it should be used for:

Does any necessary init needed to setup the full environment for the application.

Full environment meaning enough to load the application. Not to load **EVERYTHING** the application may eventually need to possibly use on a page. See, e.g., IMP which does nothing in _init() except load the basic environment.

Well, I would argue that determining what calendars are available for use in Kronolith is a pretty fundamental requirement of any kronolith action, so even if we buy in to what you say in the above paragraph, this still belongs in _init().

I stand by what I said before - but no need for me to continue discussing my position.

I agree that Kronolith will most likely need a more thorough base initialization as opposed to an application like IMP that doesn't need to worry about either guest access and stores its pertinent data (mail) remotely instead of on the Horde installation. But on the flip side, there is no reason for about 90% of that stuff in Kronolith::initialize().

Almost everything in there can be initialized once per session. E.g. - is there really a need to initialize the holiday list on every page load? And does any given page use *everything* that is initialized in that method? I would guess not. So I disagree with the statement that all of this stuff is "fundamental".

Maybe what this boils down to is that the initialize() code needs to be cleaned up immediately. Most of the stuff in there can be refactored to either load-on-demand or be initialized once and cached in the session. You are going to see a giant speed boost when this happens. I would even say this is the single most important feature that Kronolith 3.1 can offer.

I added back the Kronolith::initialize() call to _init() for now until this can be cleaned up.


Michael Slusarz [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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