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Re: name inconsistency David Durham, Jr. Thu Jun 14 12:02:44 2007

On 6/13/07, Rene Gielen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I personally personally find the combination of
<s:set name="foo" value="..." />
<s:textfield name="foo" />
a veeery common usecase. That said, I would be quite confused to have to
<s:set id="foo" value="..." />
<s:textfield name="foo" />
instead in future.

Anyway, thanks for setting the ticket on hold for now - maybe we manage to
get some more opinions in to bring any possible decision on that topic to
a broad base.

Adding another user perspective, I agree with Rene that 'id' should be
used in the XML sense of id and should be unique within a document.
As I see things, an id should refer to the document element itself
within it's original context.  Isn't this the reason for a styleId
attribute in struts 1?


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