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Re: [PROPOSAL] Deprecate or remove Dojo plugin Ted Husted Tue Jul 22 17:00:48 2008

+1 for Musachy's suggestion, and I'm also at a point where I could
help with the implementation.

As to Ajax-enabling some of the tags, there are several tag-based Ajax
libraries out there that we could look at embedding or emulating. In
this case, we wouldn't be adopting a general-purpose Ajax library, but
special-purpose scripts designed to be used with tags.

 * Ajax Tags - http://ajaxtags.sourceforge.net
 * Prize Tags - http://jenkov.com/prizetags/index.html
 * JSON-taglib - http://json-taglib.sourceforge.net/
 * AjaxParts Taglib - http://javawebparts.sourceforge.net/

Has anyone had good or bad experiences with tag-based libraries like these?


On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 11:33 PM, Musachy Barroso <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am not sure about that approach. On one hand it is very "strutsish",
> in that is supports many ways of doing the same thing, and provides
> ways to extend what is provided, on the other hand, I think we should
> learn from other frameworks and just don't give users that many
> options, for they can be confusing, and frustrating when there is not
> enough documentation.
> Looking at ajax, and the ajax tags I think we have 2 kind of users:
> the power users, they won't use the ajax tag at all, unless they are
> doing something extremely simple. the beginners: they will use the
> ajax tags out of the box. When the beginners need to do something that
> is not provided by the tags out of the box, they start hacking away,
> and end up dumping the tags. So our target is the beginners, and they
> don't want customization, they just want to drop a few tags on their
> jsps and get it working. Based on that, I think we should either:
> don't provide any ajax tags at all, or just provide a very limited set
> of tags (like what Jeromy listed) with very little functionality to
> cover simple use cases, and use a reliable and simple framework for
> the implementation.
> Disregarding what path we take, I think it is fairly obvious that the
> Dojo plugin will end up unmaintained, that's why we should users know
> that we do not plan on upgrading from 0.4.3.
> musachy

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