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Re: Struts 2: Non Submittable button Umesh Awasthi Mon Feb 27 20:01:03 2012

It work as a submit button and will associate the form with your button.If
you want to use simple button, i suggest you to go with
<input type=button/>

As a side note the best place to ask  such question is user mailing list <*

On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 9:11 AM, Shrinivas Parashar <

> Hi,
> When we create a button using s:button, Struts 2 always renders button of
> type submit.
> If we specify the type as button Struts 2 renders as below
> <button type="submit"...... />
> If we specify type as submit Struts 2 renders as below
> <input type="submit"  ... />
> In both the cases the button is of type submit even if we want
> non-submittable button.
> Does anyone know how can we get output as below
> <button type="button".. />
> Regards,
> Shrinivas

With Regards
Umesh Awasthi