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Re: Release Tomcat Native 1.1.23 Mladen Turk Wed Feb 22 00:00:06 2012

On 02/22/2012 06:17 AM, Costin Manolache wrote:
Mladen: please let me know if you want to further review the change or
should I merge it to the branch.

Well I personally would not merge that into 1.1.x branch.
It would be a bit weird to have 1.1.22 as is, and 1.1.23 with
whole bunch of new features and API's.
That's not why we introduced branches at the first place.

I also noticed there are few other diffs - in particular the 'interrupt'
stuff in poll, few others.
Any plans to merge them too ?

Nope. Not to the 1.1.x branch

What's the plan with the trunk ?

We can release 1.2.0 from trunk.
I see no problem with that.
It requires apr-1.4.x so this might be a solution for
that sslext code instead porting that back to 1.1.x
We can require 1.2.x for tomcat8 and actually use that
new API's without worrying on backward compatibility.


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