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Re: [Developers] "Simple" Classical Plugin Request mecouc Wed Feb 01 02:06:47 2012

I think support for subgenres, or a menu system that let me used genres
to progressively filter music, might be useful in lots of different
circumstances, not just for classical music, so there may be wider
demand if it were done that way.  
You could add all sorts of interesting tags as a 'genre'. It could be
another way of splitting libraries by user if I could just add my
daughter's name as a genre for her music.  I have a folder of music
from playalong CDs that some of us budding musicians use, and I've
added 'playalong' as a genre to these. It'd be handy to be able to
subdivide those in the same way: playalong->[daughter] etc. I can do it
by browsing folder structure of course, but I'd like it to be more wife
and daughter friendly in operation.   Even after 5 years, they still
don't know how to use the Squeezebox themselves.

Suppose, off the top of my head, I could use genres to select from my
SB3: [wife's name]->jazz-> playalong

I'm not trying to hijack the classical use, but to suggest that it's a
mechanism that might have broader appeal as well.

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