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[DFC - Delhi Fotographers Club] Re: New Media & Blog Camps - Delhi & Bangalore, March 2009 WindowShopper Thu Feb 26 01:00:40 2009

Dear all,

Further to what Ajay has stated, DFC & IBNMS shall be collaborating
now onwards with each other on Photographic aspects
Members from DFC shall be taking a 3 hour session on Photography with
the members present.
Discussing about basic questions that puzzle an amateur mind to some
detailed relevant topics from the Photographic purview.

The session on Photography by DFC shall commence from 2pm till 5pm, by
Mr. Munish Khanna addressing the people present.
Post the official session, later friends can interact one to one basis
with each other, as all the group members from DFC shall be
moving off for a cup of coffee later to interact.

Kindly feel free to bring along a friend.


on behalf of DFC

On Feb 17, 2:21 pm, Ajay Jain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> The Indian Blog and New Media Society is pleased to invite you to the latest 
> editions of theNew Media and Blog Campsin March 2009 in Delhi and Bangalore. 
> Read on to know more about the same - and sign up to attend and/or speak at 
> the event.What is New Media & Blog Camp?
> The event is an unconference where a relevant audience comes together to talk 
> about/ discuss/ rant/ brainstorm/ share opinions on all possible subjects 
> related to new media and blogging. BarCamp style, these are open events where 
> anyone may sign up to attend and choose to speak on a topic of common 
> interest.
> This is the second edition of the event in Delhi and the first in Bangalore. 
> These events do not follow any schedules, and may occur once a year or every 
> few months depending on when volunteers come together and take the 
> initiative.Who is organizing the eventThe event is being organized by the 
> Indian Blog and New Media Society (www.ibnms.com), the umbrella body for this 
> space in India.Attendees
> These events are attended by many kinds of people, each with their own 
> interest in this space. These include, besides others:
>     * Users, content creators and publishers of new media and blogs
>     * Individuals and companies providing services in this space
>     * VCs, Angel Funds and other investors
>     * Techies
>     * Journalists looking to or already using new media as an outlet for 
> their work
>     * Consumers and readers of new media and blog
>     * PR, Advertising and Communications industry
>     * Social Media practitioners and users
> There is no restriction on anyone participating nor is there an entry fee. 
> Total audience size is expected to be 300, an optimum number to allow for 
> quality discussions.ScheduleDelhi: March 7-8
> Bangalore: March 14 (and March 15 too probably)
> Sessions run from around 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. The schedule is drawn up 
> at the last minute as speakers come and pick up an available slot.VenuesStill 
> being exploredPossible Topics to be CoveredThe following are some of the 
> broad categories under which speakers will address the audience. This list is 
> not exhaustive, nor restrictive in any way. Speakers are welcome to come 
> forward and select any relevant topic:
>     * Investment & Monetising New Media & Blog Properties (covering VCs, 
> revenue streams etc.)
>     * Multimedia
>           o Photoblogging including Photo Sharing on sites like Flickr, 
> Snapfish and PhotoFlock
>           o Podcasting
>           o Vlogging a.k.a. Video Blogging including Video Sharing on sites 
> like YouTube
>     * Blogging & Platforms
>           o WordPress, Blogspot, Live Journal
>           o User Generated Sites like TripAdvisor, OkTataByeBye, HolidayIQ, 
> WAYN etc.
>           o Regional Language Blogging
>           o Moblogging
>           o Blogging via mobile
>           o Photoblogging & Vlogging via Mobile
>           o Tips & Tricks regarding different blog platforms
>           o WordPress Plugins
>           o Microblogging (Tumblr, Twitter etc.)
>     * PR and Advertising 2.0
>     * New Media vs Old Media, Citizen Journalism
>     * Demo: Come and demonstrate a new product or application
>     * Social Media
>     * Basics of New Media and Blogging
>     * Hardware and Software for the aboveAn Opportunity for CompaniesThe 
> event offers an opportunity for companies to talk about their products and 
> services to this audience by signing up to take sessions. There is no fee to 
> do so. However, in the spirit of such events, it is recommended the 
> discussion not be very sales oriented (although implicitly this is the 
> purpose) but more along the lines of what the offering means and the trends 
> it is setting or following. Such presentations may be marketing led, but they 
> add value by informing participants and allowing for a healthy debate about 
> the merits and demerits of a product.
> It is also a great opportunity to demo any new developments at your end.
> Subject to availability, companies can take up a 20-30 minute 
> slot.Sponsorship OptionsSeagate is the principal sponsor of the event. Should 
> companies want greater visibility at the event, they can take up a 
> co-sponsorship of the same. Options may be discussed with the 
> organizers.Would you like to speak or attend the event?You are welcome to 
> speak at the event or attend the same in your individual capacity. It is a 
> great way to network with and understand this space. Follow the links to the 
> wikis given below to register.LinksWe have created event wikis for each of 
> the two camps where all updated info including list of speakers and attendees 
> will be available. You can also use these to register:
> Delhi Event Wiki:http://barcamp.org/BlogCampDelhi2
> Bangalore Event Wiki:http://barcamp.org/BlogCampBengaluru
> Official IBNMS Blog:http://ibnms.com
> Look forward to seeing you at these events.Cheers...
> Ajay Jain
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