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Re: [slim] Connecting two rooms to one SB3? iPhone Wed Mar 31 11:00:50 2010

orenb;529383 Wrote: 
> I'd be happy to hear about any alternative options that don't require
> buying another SB3.
> Thanks! :)

Buy a Touch or SB Receiver, just kidding but that would work and not be
an SB3. ;=}

Are we talking about 16 feet (~5M) separation? I have no trouble using
a Toslink or Coax over that distance especially if the second receiver
has its own DAC. Also there would be no Sync issues as both receivers
would be playing the same exact input material. The drawback here is
actually not being able to play different SBS streams on these two
receivers, it will always be the same music.

I don't like the RCA splitter idea for a number of reasons. Using the
first Receiver's tape out to feed the second Receiver would also not be
one of my choices.


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