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Re: [slim] [ANNOUNCE] SqueezeCommander 0.9 for Android flattermann Tue Jan 31 20:01:01 2012

emalvick;674751 Wrote: 
> For me it only shows the Album Artist in both those views.  Perhaps
> there is a setting elsewhere I need to set.  I'd be happy if it was
> only showing the Track Artist.
> On my duet controller, I get both Album Artist and Track Artist(s). 
> That isn't necessarily ideal, but I find it preferable to Album Artist
> only.

What are the 3 SBS/LMS settings regarding compilations in your SBS
(WebUI: "Server Settings / My Music / Compilations"?

Can you please send me a sample file where this happens so that I can
try it here?

android ATT flattermann DOTT net

PS: Which SBS/LMS version do you use?




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