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Re: [slim] [ANNOUNCE] SqueezeCommander 0.9 for Android evdplancke Tue Jan 31 20:01:06 2012

flattermann;675983 Wrote: 
> Hmm, sounds like a MySB problem ("player registered by another user to
> squeezebox.com").
> All other problems are possibly related.
> Are you sure that you've used the same MySB credentials on your SBS
> (WebUI: Server Settings / mysqueezebox.com) and on your Touch (while
> connected to MySB, navigate to "Settings / Advanced Settings /
> Squeezebox Information / mysqueezebox.com" directly on your Touch)?
> Can you see your Touch when you login on http://www.mysqueezebox.com?

Thanks for your answers.

I hope this is mysb related issue. Opened  ticket but is not solved

Indeed I can't see my SBT on MySB.com.

I'll check my credentials once back home but I am pretty sure they are
the same at both locations. Probably someone registered to MySB from
the online shop where I bought my SBT.

I was wondering if registering both SBS and SBT to MySB was not the
cause but it seems not according to your answer. I know there is an
optional SBS plugin allowing SBT to access MySB through SBS, maybe this
would solve the issue, but is it supported by SC?



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