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[slim] Getting VLC to stream audio to LMS PasTim Mon Feb 13 11:00:16 2012

I have spent many hours trying to get VLC to stream audio from my
Windows (64-bit) PC to LMS (and then to a Touch).  I often use a
website that does not provide a stream and must be run in a browser,
and want to listen to it via my Touch.

I have seen that others have made it work, but I could not do so for
quite a while.

To cut a long story short, what I didn't twig was that I might need to
change the default port allocated by VLC. The default is 8080.  That
didn't work, and I failed to realise that was the problem for far too
many hours.  Changing to 8079 fixed it immediately.  So, what worked
was a Windows shortcut containing:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" dshow://
:dshow-adev="Monitor (M-Audio Delta Audiophi" :dshow-caching=200 --sout
:no-sout-rtp-sap :no-sout-standard

Entering then runs the stream (the IP
address being that of the PC running VLC).

Beware the shortcut parameter length is almost at the maximum allowed.

You would need to change your audio device (adev=) to whatever card you
have with a monitor facility (the name has a maximum length as shown by
the truncation of 'AudioPhile' in my card's name). Some cards may work,
and some may not.

I won't bore you with all the things I tried (firewalls, other devices,
many other VLC options and so on).  

It was useful to check that VLC could see the audio signal by saving it
to a local file first, and playing that, then trying to stream.  I also
tried using rtsp to another pc also running VLC, and that worked, but
http on port 8080 to the other PC did not work.

I did this mainly in preparation for trying to do the same thing on my
laptop.  That's a different kettle of fish, running debian, and with
pulse audio.  I have not yet found out how to make that work, but at
least I now know that I can in principle make LMS work with VLC.


Server on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, 2 CPU, 2GHz, 4GB, FLAC files. Touch
on Ethernet (in another room).  Analogue out over 'a bit of wire' to
ageing Quad Hi-Fi. An old (wireless) laptop controls the server using
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