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Re: [slim] ITunes and debian music server pski Sun Feb 19 13:00:31 2012

MrRalph;691416 Wrote: 
> I'm using ITunes on Windows, local collection database, music files are
> on a Debian music server. Also on Debian is  LMS7.71. As a player I use
> a SB Touch. I have not yet figured out a way to use the ITunes plugin so
> I can manage my collection and playlists with ITunes, and use it on my
> Squeezebox players as such.
> Is it doable? Should I place my ITunes collection database on my Debia
> server in order to achieve this? Any help on configuring is much
> appreciated,
> Ralph

In debian, can you see the computer windows computer that has iTunes?

Places/Network select Windows Network then whatever name your windows
network has



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