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[slim] HD track won't play via SB3 Bryan Jan Sun Feb 19 20:00:09 2012


I'm sure this topic have been discussed many times and I did search the
whole forum but cannot get the answer.

Here is my problem:
1. I got some high resolution tracks 24/176.4 and 24/192 recently
2. I used to play 24/96 or 24/88.2 fine with the SB3
3. when I play the 24/176.4 or 24/192, from the SB3 display I saw the
song is playing, the timer is moving, but no sound or some strange
noise, I hear part of the song is decoded and definitely some are
4. I used SB3 digital coaxial output, my DAC is capable to 24/96.

I have the latest LMS 7.7.1 & SB3 firmware updated.

How can I play those 24/176.4 and 242/192 tracks?  What setting in the
File Type I need?  

Thanks in advance

Bryan Jan

SB Touch+EMM Labs DAC2
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