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Re: [slim] Main diffs between pre-Logitech and post-Logitech hardware? aubuti Mon Feb 20 06:01:08 2012

tbessie;691523 Wrote: 
> Does anyone know of a quick summary of the main differences between the
> pre-Logitech acquisition and post-acquisition hardware?  i.e. the
> SB3/Receiver/Boom/Controller vs the SB Radio and Touch?
I think Erland summarized it well, but if you want to compare pre/post
Logitech acquisition you should also know that the dividing line is
rather fuzzy. The SB3 and Transporter were the last two products sold
by Slim Devices, and the Duet was the first in the SB line by Logitech.
I understand that work on the Duet, and possibly the Boom, was underway
before the acquisition, but how much (25%? 50%? 85%?) isn't widely

Functionally/architecturally speaking, the main division is SqueezeOS
(Controller, Radio, Touch) vs i3pk (SB2/SB3, Transporter, Duet
Receiver) and earlier.

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