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[slim] Old laptop as Squeezebox player playing 96 and beyond? eduardoo Mon Feb 20 20:00:26 2012

I have been a happy user of a Duet running into an Esoteric K-03 as DAC.
Since the Duet is not 96 and above capable, I have been toying with
setting up a CAS with an old laptop with Foobar with Wasapi and KS
support (the Esoteric is 192/24 capable through its USB as well).  On
top of running into all kinds of set-up issues, I have not been fond of
the Foobar remote control software.  The Squeezebox controller and
Squeezebox app on Android operates far better.  

Now, I am thinking about (if indeed possible) using that old laptop (a
core solo U1300 cpu, Win 7 Sony laptop) as a Squeezebox, with music
streamed from my Squeezebox server and output from the laptop via USB
(using high speed async mode), and using the controller to control it. 

After reading through threads around the net, it seems that there are
softwares that can have a pc emulate an SB.  Would Squeezeslave be the
right thing?  Does it support 96 or 192?  Do these software allow
output via USB async mode?

Thanks a lot.

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