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Re: [dishmod] 501/508 Monte Webster Wed Apr 11 12:10:27 2007

Yes,  ever since the last software programming update that was downloaded (a 
month back?), my 508 freezes (or resets) all the time and has to be re-booted. 
We can't trust it to record anything now.  Customer support from someone in 
India that can't understand what I say and is reading "fixes" from a database, 
had been useless so far.  Did someone post about this earlier on this group?


>>> On Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 7:32 PM, in message UID2580-1148307849, 
>>> AL<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

has anyone had problems with the 501/508 turning it self off or 
maybe rebooting when you try to watch a recorded movie and /or try to 
rewind live TV... mine has done this 4 times in 3 weeks now...if I'm 
watching live TV and want to rewind back 15 min... it reboots the unit 
and I have lost that program... what can be done..?



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