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Re: [dishmod] Re: Replacing my 522 HDD Bil Green Fri Nov 02 12:15:22 2007

Hi birdman264,

Here's the best solution I've found. No wires from the 522 to my

From my word file...

External Hard Drive for Dish Network 522 Satellite Box

1. Run a longer IDE cable out of your 522 to a mobile IDE rack
mounted HD (on the right side of the box). Same with the power
cable. The HD must be one that is approved for the 522 PVR.

If you're renting the box, don't remove the original HD (broken
stick voids the warranty)

2. Install the same type IDE mobile rack in a large drive bay of
your PC

3. Install a Dish Network approved HD (see the list for your
model) in the IDE mobile rack

4. When necessary slide the HD (it's on a tray) out at your PVR
rack  (522 shut off)  and into the PC rack (with the PC shut down). 

Boot up and use PVRExplorer to copy the videos and then shut down
and slide the HD back into the other rack (522 shut off).

5. The top cover of the 522 will fit on snug enough if you leave
most of the screws out (IDE and power cables draped over the top
right edge - use some type of material or cloth to protect the
IDE and power cable if necessary).

Here's some inexpensive ones that have very good user reviews at

BYTECC SNT-1122 Plastic Mobile Rack For IDE Hard Drives W/ 2 Fan - Retail 

BYTECC SNT-1122BK IDE 5.25 Mobile Rack w/ 2 Fan, BLACK - Retail (black)

KINGWIN KF-21-IPF-B Black Mobile 5.25" HDD Rack - Retail (black)


PC 1000
M-Pulse 5000 magnetic pulse generator
Mammoth Lakes, CA 


b> One more thing... I have an idea for a Mod using Firewire to connect
b> my HDD to my computer. I got the idea from a European DVR website --
b> though I don't know that if is appropriate for this Group?!?!?
b> Sorry, I'm not sure of the rules here.

b> So if it works successfully, I'll post it in one of the other Dish
b> Mod groups. 

b> --- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "birdman264" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Updating this thread.... I went ahead and ordered the WD2500AVJB
b> from
>> Western Digital and attempted to put it in my DISH 522... it did
b> not
>> work. But that's okay as I needed a second drive for my computer
b> anyhow
>> -- so I put it in here, since it was a good price.
>> I then looked for the Seagate "approved models" -- unsuccessfully.
b> So I
>> settled on the Maxtor 6L250R0 model. I found a stockpile of them on
>> Newegg for $64.99 each (includes shipping). I installed it in my
b> 522,
>> plugged it in -- it cycled a couple of times through (obviously
>> formatting the drive) and then it lit up perfectly... my DISH 522
b> is now
>> a DISH 625, because of the 250GB drive.
>> Furthermore, since my old drive was on the way out and had nothing
>> recorded on it last week... while DISH has been upgrading the 
b> current
>> firmware versions of the 522/625 to ver L4.62... my firmware 
b> upgraded
>> too. This new firmware increased my available recording space from
b> 100
>> hours to 150 hours -- because of the bigger hard drive. Two birds
b> with
>> one stone -- a brand new and larger HDD (less load)... and a 50%
>> increase in capacity. That makes me a happy camper.
>> If you own a 522 or 625... the Maxtor 6L250R0 works perfectly;
b> plus make
>> sure you get the new firmware (L4.62) -- as your capacity will
b> increase
>> by 50% too if you use a 250GB drive!

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