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Re: [dishmod] Erasing Maxtor DiamondMax 120 GB hard drive ehelmrich Mon Nov 17 01:02:24 2008

Your Mac should have a utility for preparing a new disk.  Did you try 
just booting up and seeing if the Mac detects it and asks if you want to 
prepare the disk for use?

johneglasgow79 wrote:
> I'm new here and could not find my answer when searching the boards.
> I have removed a Maxtor DiamondMax 120 GB hard drive from an old Dish 
> PVR and want to
> erase it and use it as an external hard drive. I have a Mac, what is the 
> best way to erase it.? I
> have the drive installed in a new enclosure and ready to go. Thank you.
> Where will I find my answer? jg