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[dishmod] Re: New member with some novice questions. vip622 Tue Mar 09 22:00:30 2010

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2) http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/dishrip/message/17806

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "walk_the_walk2" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thank you for a thoughtful and thorough reply.  It is very helpful to know 
> what my options are in this case.
> I also heard that DISH lost its contempt appeal case with TIVO, (today I 
> think) and my 501 may become a boat anchor.  
> Do you think that might be the case?  I ask this only because it would be a 
> shame to invest the time, effort and funds into modding a 501 only to get a 
> letter in the next 30 days from DISH telling me my 501 is no longer allowed 
> to be used due to DISH's misguided thwarting of TIVO's patent (not that I 
> haven't enjoyed that thwarting tremendously).
> Then again, maybe there will be some kind of last minute negotiation between 
> DISH and TIVO involving a royalty payment or something...
> Do you have an opinion on that issue?