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Re: [dishmod] Re: DIsh pvr 501 ehelmrich Wed Dec 01 10:00:52 2010

I once created a series of receiver ID's of all 1's, all 2's and all 3's 
and married a hard disk to the receiver for each ID.  When I examined 
the 2 sectors though, I did not see the receiver ID listed anywhere in 
those sectors.  Are you sure it is listed in plain sight, or is the ID 
hashed somehow and stored that way?
- Ed

On Nov 30 10 12:30 PM, vperiandri wrote:
> Today, I got out my JTAG and connected it to my daughter's PC and my
> 501. I fired up JKeys (as administrator) and it recognized the receiver
> OK. The red and green lights were lit on the receiver, etc. I tried to
> read the firmware first to make sure everything was OK before flashing
> virgin firmware back to it. I'm getting memory read errors from JKeys. I
> then tried to run JKeys in XP compatibility mode. No go.
> I used this same PC and JTAG before for flashing to this receiver and it
> worked fine. At that time it had Windows XP installed. Since then, I
> have installed Windows 7 on it. I messed around with port settings a
> little and can't get it to read more than about 4%. I still have the
> hard drive that has Windows XP (and maybe some port setting that I
> tweaked) on it. I might try to put it in the PC on another day and try
> again.
> So for now, I do not have the binding sectors from a different receiver
> ID to compare to mine to see if they are the same except for the
> receiver number.