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auth.User usernames Donald Stufft Wed Feb 15 15:00:51 2012

I know this has been discussed before, but I wanted to bring it up again in
light of the oncoming Djnago 1.4 beta. 

Can we increase the length of the username field in auth.User? It is a common
pattern for emails to be used instead of usernames for a site, and 30 characters
makes it difficult to follow that pattern. There are work arounds but they are 
a lot less elegant than increasing the length of the username field. I think 
a max_length of 75 (to match the default EmailField) would allow developers
a lot more breathing room with regards to what they use as the value for 
75 Would support most emails, usernames, UUIDs, etc. If 75 is too long for the
"username" case you could set the max_length of the form to 30 still, allowing
developers who want to use a longer value the ability to either subclass the 
or provide their own form, which they can easily do, while still using the 
model which replacing is not something that is particularly easy or clean to do.

Obviously there the overall problem of contrib.auth being inflexible to the 
requirements of varying problems but I don't think we should let a possible
future improvement stop a small improvement that can be made today, in
other words don't let the best be the enemy of good.

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