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Design decision on ticket #13223 Igor Sobreira Tue Feb 21 15:01:14 2012


I'm working on a patch for #13223 [1], but I need some help on how to
proceed. The solution I would like to work on is to replace the "save as
new" button  for a "clone object" link. This is how I understood the
suggest on the ticket, and the way makes more sense to me.

I've started to create a clone_view() in admin, and submitted a
prototype-not-yet-done patch, with the idea. When the user enables the
"save_as" admin option (maybe change the name) a "save as new" *link*
appears, which opens a <obj id>/clone/ view pre-filled data based on the
object id from the url.

Any feedback would be welcome.

There is a drawback: file uploads would not work. The user would need to
upload a new file (or the same). Maybe a new ticket would be better to find
the best solution to this (#14760 !?). What I was planning to do is provide
a template method called by clone_view() function where the user could copy
the file on disk or do anything she wants regarding form filling on GET.

Thanks in advance,

[1] https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/13223

Igor Sobreira

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