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Re: [dom4j-dev] dom4j extensions Mike Skells Thu Nov 06 02:00:50 2008

Hi Mark,
I agree that the implementation does not cope with all of the complexities of 
possible naming patterns that may be employed, but I would be interested to 
understand how you expect to maintain the list of namespaces.

I regularly handle files of 10M to 100Mb, and modify these documents based on 
XPath based rules.

Scanning the document in this case is not an option, and as namespaces may be 
removed, and content shared within the document, maintaining a map of usage is 
not trivial in code, CPU or memory.

I would suggest that any code that determines namespace could use a namespace 
resolution strategy that is appropriate for its needs, and this should be able 
to be defaulted without code.
This is what the DefaultNamespaceContext does, albeit without strategy options, 
but any progreammer can withthe 1.6.1 implementation provide a different 
namespace context, appropriate for their needs, and what you are proposing is 
such an alternative I believe

The code for retrieval  is in 1.6.1
see AbstractElement.getNamespaceForPrefix, and 

Also NamespaceStack.

The mechanism for retrieveal is I believe linked in with the Jaxen namespace 
resolution techniques, as can be seen by an inspection of 

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From: Marc Pellmann [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: 06 November 2008 08:44
To: Mike Skells
Subject: Re: [dom4j-dev] dom4j extensions


In older version (1.6 etc) a namespace context was created by walking the 
element hierarchy and picking the namespaces that were defined in the element 
that is the context of the xpath statement

I do not see this in 1.6.1 but I think it would not be enough if it is there. 
The xpath expression could be of any complexity and could try to select nodes 
in all other branches of the document and in deeper of the actual with own 
namespace declarations, too. And this branches have other namespace 
declarations and maybe the prefixes would be the same with other URIs or there 
are default namespaces without prefixes, that need to be changed (added with 

There is no method to get all namespaces that are defined in the document. So 
this is what I have added. In many cases it would be enough to add namespaces 
unchanged to the xpath expression. But in the situations above it is needed to 
change prefixes of some namespace definitions that should be added to the 
context and this is done, too. The xpath need to use this new prefixes - there 
is no code in the moment to automatically change some pathes, because this 
might be extreme complex. Again the xpath could be of any complexity.

As an example try come xpathes with this xml:

<OOO xmlns="http://zvon.org/xnumber"<http://zvon.org/xnumber> 
xmlns:lower="http://zvon.org/lowercase"<http://zvon.org/lowercase> ooo="222">
      <sss xmlns:lower="http://zvon.org/xnumber"<http://zvon.org/xnumber>>
  <aaa xmlns="http://zvon.org/uppercase"<http://zvon.org/uppercase>>
    <BBB xmlns:upper="http://zvon.org/uppercase"<http://zvon.org/uppercase> 
upper:U="A" U="A" lower:U="A"></BBB>
  <aaa xmlns="http://zvon.org/lowercase"<http://zvon.org/lowercase>>

Viele Grüße / best regards

Marc Pellmann (Software Architect)

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