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Re: [Dovecot] user_filter problem Timo Sirainen Mon Feb 20 18:00:13 2012

On 17.2.2012, at 17.39, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> I have a little bit complex setup. I'm trying to use dovecot lmtp and pop3
> with user information stored in the LDAP database. The main problem is
> that email address and pop3 username are different for every mailbox (I
> cannot change this behaviour, because thousands of people already
> configured their email client for such a setup). So in my situation,
> user_filter for lmtp should be: user_filter=(mail=%u), but for pop3 it
> should be: user_filter=(cn=%u).

Can't it be either?

user_filter = (|(mail=%u)(cn=%u))

> I think I need to use different user_filter for lmtp and pop3, but it's
> not possible or I cannot find how to do it. Please, help!

With v2.x you can also do something like:

protocol lmtp {
  userdb {
    driver = ldap
    args = dovecot-ldap-lmtp.conf.ext
protocol !lmtp {
  userdb {
    driver = ldap
    args = dovecot-ldap.conf.ext