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Re: [Dovecot] Recalculate quota when quota=dict ? Javier Miguel Rodríguez Mon Feb 20 23:00:49 2012

I have seen this behaviour with a local ext4 iSCSI filesystem. When the system is hammered by I/O (example, perfoming a full backup), I also see those messages in the log.



On 17.2.2012, at 11.51, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

By the way: what might have caused such a warning?

[EMAIL PROTECTED] /tmp/transfer>  doveadm quota recalc -u [EMAIL PROTECTED]
doveadm([EMAIL PROTECTED]): Warning: Created dotlock file's timestamp is 
different than current time (1329464622 vs 1329464672): 
Does it keep happening? Is this a local filesystem or NFS? Shouldn't happen 
unless remote storage server's clock and local server's clock aren't synced.