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[Efw-user] efw behind fritzbox-fritzbox-vpn Ralf Gutzeit Fri Aug 08 03:00:22 2008

my efw (2.2.beta3) acts as firewall behind a fritzbox router which acts as a
vpn gateway: --- fritzbox 7170 (vpn) --- internet --- fritzbox
7170 (vpn) --- efw --- LAN
VPN works perfectly, ping goes to efw, but not behind.
On the efw i have defined a portforwarding from ALL:(1-1 NAT) to a specific
LAN-IP say and full access for, this works as
aspected, but i want full access from network to Is this possible? How is the best way to implement this, can
the efw firewall be bypassed by some specific network or at least one
trusted ip ??
Thx in advance
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