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[Efw-user] Hacking the EFW installer. albertof Wed May 27 14:00:33 2009

Im getting problems with the EFW installer, first to see if it works i did
this steps:

I unpack and recompile the setup program, then i unpack the ISO and copy on
the instroot (prev gzip -d, mount with read/write) the new "setup", i
renamed setup binary as installer, because i think was the installer, all
was okey BUT when the iso image boot says this:

Endian Firewall is not properly installed.

And repeat in a while, i want to know how hack the installer, i see the
EFW-1.1 installer and is different, second im using the latest RC DEV
packages and is the same, but i think you didnt release the real installer
yet. If im correct please can you share us the real installer SRPM?

Thanks in advance. 

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