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[Efw-user] Disconnect/Reconnect cronjob Vassilis Wed Jul 29 06:00:22 2009

Hello all!

Since my ISP is disconnecting my connection every 24 hours I would like 
to make sure that happens in the early morning hours rather than at noon.

After a bit of searching I found the .sh script that works but I havent 
managed to get it to work properly.

This is the .sh script:

# Reconnect and update DynDNS

/etc/rc.d/uplinks stop main
sleep 90
sleep 30

I made a folder called /customscripts and moved the .sh file in there. 
Running it manually via "sh <scriptname.sh> works perfectly, getting it 
to run at a specific time is where I am stuck.

I edited the /etc/crontab file and added at the end:

30 3 * * * root /customscripts/reconnect.sh

This should run the script at 03:30 in the morning but unfortunately it 
doest work. Since this is my first cronjob ever I am almost certain I 
have missed something trivial but important :-)

Thank you!

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