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Re: [Efw-user] EFW and Iphone Farzan Qureshi Mon Feb 06 17:00:42 2012

I am running firewall 2.4.1 with transparency proxy. It is running
smoothly. Never had any issues with apple devices.

*From:* Tom Maravilla [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
*Sent:* Tuesday, 7 February 2012 1:37 p.m.
*Subject:* [Efw-user] EFW and Iphone

I am running version 2.5 of EFW with a transparent proxy.  I am unable to
get my apple devices to stream youtube or update any of the apps.  The only
workaround I have found is adding the devices to the bypass proxy list,
which is defeating the purpose of a firewall.

I have tried both suggestions here:


which consist inserting the following into /etc/havp/havp.conf.tmpl:

RANGE true

this did not work, so I added the following into /etc/havp/havp.conf.tmpl

SKIPMIME image/* video/* audio/*

This did not work either.

anyone else figure out how to get your apple devices to communicate with
youtube and update apps via a transparent proxy?
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